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Karcher 2.645-221.0  Pressure Washer Quick Connect Replacement PUMP GUARD                    DETERGENT MULTI-PURPOSE 1QT
This replacement garden hose connector fits Karcher and many other brands of electric pressure washers. It accepts standard north American garden hoses and includes a filter to help keep debris out of the pressure washer pump. Can also be used with Karcher electric pressure washers that originally shipped with quick connect garden hose adapters - this connector will remove the need for the quick connect adapter, allowing you to connect the garden hose directly to the pressure washer. Karcher's environmentally friendly pump guard is specifically formulated to prolong the life of your pressure washer. this specially formulated solution will protect your pressure washer from corrosion, premature wear and freezing (down to -25 deg F). it also adds lubrication to your pressure washer's valves and seals to prevent sticking in the future. ordinary anti-freeze is insufficient in this respect and is not recommended. Karcher High-Concentrate Detergent
9.558-119.0/9.558-144.0 1GAL A 9.558-146.0 1L VEHICLE WASH AN Karcher 2.642-859.0  Pressure Washer Wash Brush
Speed up your pressure washing with the help of Karcher's multi-purpose detergent. This concentrated soap formula makes up to 20 gal of ready-to-use detergent you control the amount of dilution. Karcher detergents are specially formulated to work in tandem with your pressure washer to help you clean more quickly. Reduce the amount of time it takes to clean decks, driveways, sidewalks, home siding, patio furniture, fences and more and clean more thoroughly to boot. This formula is biodegradable, made in the USA and is compatible with all Karcher home and garden pressure washers, as well as consumer pressure washers made by other brands. Use Karcher's vehicle wash and wax with your pressure washer to create the perfect car wash system. This gentle vehicle soap rinses away without leaving residue behind, revealing the original luster of your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle and more. Highly concentrated 1 gal of concentrate makes up to 20 gal of ready-to-use vehicle wash. This pressure washer vehicle shampoo is bio-degradable, made in the USA and is compatible with all Karcher home and garden pressure washers, as well as consumer pressure washers made by other brands. Made with super soft synthetic bristles, this brush attaches to your pressure washer to help you safely clean painted, topcoat and delicate surfaces. Reduce the time and effort required to loosen bugs, mud and other debris from vehicles, patio furniture and more. The brush automatically dispenses soap from the pressure washer, making it even more convenient to clean with detergents. Includes adapters to work with Karcher electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers, as well as other major brands of pressure washers with quick connect fittings.
Karcher 2.642-708.0  Pressure Washer Hose/Trigger Gun PRESSURE WASHER ACC BLK/YEL   KARCHER 2.641-005.0 T-Racer Deck and Drive Brush
The scope of supply for the accessory set includes one 7.5 m high-pressure hose, one ergonomic high-pressure gun and an adapter piece for retrofitting the practical Quick Connect connector for classes K 2-K 7. Suitable for all Karcher pressure washers without a hose reel manufactured since 1992. Karcher T250 Surface Cleaner, Electric, 31-1/2 in Length, 11 in Width, 26-1/2 in Height, Suitable for: Karcher Pressure Washers Our 15 in surface cleaner works in tandem with your gas pressure washer (up to 3200 psi) to quickly deliver professional level cleaning without splash back. It cleans an area 15 in wide with two spinning nozzles instead of one, reducing your cleaning time and eliminates streaks by keeping the nozzles at a fixed height from the surface. Also cleans vertical surfaces including garage doors and home siding. Quick connect for compatibility with a wide range of electric pressure washers. Get pro cleaning results with the help of the 15 in surface cleaner.
Karcher 9.558-124.0  Pressure Washer Accessories WASHER PRESSURE 20V CORDLESS  Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Pressure Washers
Versatile 50 ft rubber high pressure hose serves as both a replacement and extension for all Karcher gas (and select electric) pressure washers. As an extension, the hose expands the working range of a pressure washer by 50 ft, enabling you to clean a larger area without moving the pressure washer. As a replacement, this hose is longer than most included with pressure washers and is made of durable rubber, greatly extending the life and performance of the hose. Includes four metal connectors to ensure compatibility with Karcher and other brands of pressure washers. Some assembly required. The Hydroshot powered water nozzle has two speeds. One 58 to 94 psi for watering shrubs and other plants and two 200 to 300 psi for power cleaning. You can adjust the spray head pattern to fit your needs. Powered by a 20 V max lithium battery. Includes the extension wand. Karcher's 1800 psi K3 Follow Me pressure washer is designed to "follow you" while you work. Compact and convenient design delivers strong cleaning power for most household jobs. The Vario spray wand allows for quick adjustment between low and high-pressure without the need to switch nozzles. For stubborn stains, the patented DirtBlaster? spray wand will clean up the toughest areas. Onboard detergent tank included.
WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner, 40 V, 2 A, 60 Hz Frequency, 290 to 450 psi Operating, 0.9 gpm Flow Rate, 104 deg F, 20 ft Hose Length, Multi-Spray Nozzle, Includes: (2) 20 V Max Lithium Batteries, (1) 20 V Quick Charger, (1) 20 ft Draw Hose, (1) Multi-Spray Nozzle, (1) Quick Connect Adapter