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Legendary super hard shell protection lasts for up to 12 months and will give your car maximum shine. Aggressive formula restores badly weathered and oxidized surfaces. Controlled spot application targets and smooths out severe scuffs. Precision polishing agents remove light scratches and oxidation to restore shine. Non-scratching ingredients are safe for all car finishes.
PROTECTANT TIRE SHINE 530ML   CLNR TIRE SHINE 650ML         ArmorAll Tire Foam Tire Protectant
Deep black, shiny tires make your car look incredible, but the shine never seems to last. Extreme Tire Shine Gel is an advanced formula, engineered for extraordinary results that last for weeks. As a pioneer in tire care, we developed an incredibly rich, powerful gel that adheres to your tires, forming a resilient, durable shield. And it's fortified with high molecular-weight silicone that will preserve your tires intense, captivating shine and rich black look. Other products may call themselves a tire shine, but none can call itself ARMOR ALL?. As a pioneer in protection and tire care, ARMOR ALL? understands how to keep your tires looking great for the life of your car. Our proprietary "shine-shield" formula delivers intense, mirror-like shine and a rich, black look. Plus, it's fortified with conditioners that protect and nourish your tires, preserving their natural beauty for the long term. For generations, ARMOR ALL? has been a pioneer in tire care, offering trusted products that enhance, protect and preserve your tires' natural beauty. Tire Foam? protectant not only cleans your tires, it restores their natural, deep black appearance. Watch it working, as the intense foaming action lifts away tough dirt. Within minutes, our proprietary blend of nourishing conditioners penetrates into your tires, restoring their like-new appearance and bringing out their deep, natural colors.
ArmorAll Ultra Shine Tire Foam Tire Protectant WAX CAR ICE SPRAY 20OZ        WSH/WAX DRY SHINE 582G
For generations, the Armor All? brand has been a pioneer in tire care, offering trusted products that enhance, protect and preserve your tires natural beauty. With 50% more gloss enhancers than our original formula, Ultra Shine Tire Foam? protectant delivers a rich deep black look, plus even more shine. You can see it working - as the intense foaming action powers through tough dirt and grime, leaving a smooth, high-gloss shine. Turtle Wax ICE Ice Spray Wax, 20 oz Net Content, Liquid Form, Fruity Odor/Scent, Clear/White, 0.13 % VOC, 100 deg C Boiling Point, Flammability: 1, 4 pH, 0.995 Specific Gravity Dry Shine will wash and wax your vehicle, boat or truck without water in two easy steps. Spray and wipe, then buff. Our Carnauba Wax formula offers a superior shine and protection. As well, our innovative formula offers protection from UV rays and repels dirt and dust. DryShine deep cleaning agents lift and remove tar, bugs, grease and dirt and is silicone and PTFE free. Ideal for cars, boats, trucks, RV's and can be used on other household surfaces. Use on body, rims, glass and mirrors including metal, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and fiberglass surfaces.