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Windsor System Saver Crystal II 1421 Salt Pellet Windsor 1440 Rust Remover Pellet Windsor 7075 Potassium Chloride Tablet
Windsor? Salt is the largest manufacturer of water softening salt in North America and understands why soft water is important to you and your family. System Saver? II Pellets are formulated to guarantee 99.7% pure salt which ultimately means cleaner dishes and laundry and smoother hair and skin. Windsor System Saver? II pellets patented formula and unique pellet shape are proven to deliver superior results. Windsor? Rust Remover? Pellets are designed for use in areas where water has high iron content. Rust Remover? combats issues caused by iron and rust and can remove 15X more iron than plain salt. Rust Remover? also reduces rust build-up in your softener and helps your softener run more efficiently. Rust Remover? pellets come in a 18.1 kg bag that is easy to carry, open and pour thanks to our special bag features. The easy-open tear opens wide to allow salt to pour easily and flow freely. The bag also features a rigid plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and lifting. A sodium alternative to soften water. Windsor? potassium chloride is 99% sodium-free, therefore reducing sodium levels in softened water and chlorides discharged into the environment. This product also provides the essential plant nutrient potassium to the ecosystem.